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Elsa: Premier restaurant gastronomique Bio





Elsa: Premier restaurant gastronomique Bio

Elsa : First Gastronomic restaurant to receive organic certification (Bio) 24 June 2013 to 31 December 2014 Restaurant Elsa

Restaurant Elsa

Elsa : First Gastronomic restaurant to receive organic certification (Bio)
24 June 2013 to 31 December 2014 Restaurant Elsa

Monte-Carlo Beach restaurant Elsa has just received Bio (organic) certification by Ecocert, French leader in Organic conservation certification.
This is the first time a gastronomic restaurant in the PACA region has received this endorsement in its most stringent group, category.

This signifies that on the Elsa Summer organic menu, 100% of all ingredients are certified AB (Agriculture Biologique) in the totality of preparations, 33 certificate of wine producers, 22 certificates of food suppliers for 158 ingredients used in the dishes, 14 fact sheets guarantying the non-use of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) and use of non-ionised products, and the totality of invoices detailing the origin of fish issued from wild fishing.

“There is no other product from which we expect more than we do from an organic product” explains Cécile Lepers, General Delegate from the Union of Organic Distributors.

For several months Executive Chef Paolo Sari and his team, have endeavoured to complete this demanding and substantial process, carried out with passion and conviction by every member of the Monte-Carlo Beach team.

The produce – rigorously organic – is selected for its gustative, nutritional and aesthetic attributes and is prepared in a manner to preserve all these qualities.

The tomatoes whose flavour make us reminisce of times past, are grown on lands in the commune of Saint-Jeannet, inland from Nice. The same can be said about the aubergine, salads, courgettes, aromatic herbs, and strawberries… all are sourced from a network of organic small farmers, preferably local, to privilege proximity producers. This also implies secure channels, guaranteeing delivery.

All meats, poultry and lamb are selected according to organic criteria and a very precise specification.

Ice cream is also manufactured using fresh, carefully selected ingredients, from the milk to the fruit. Bread is kneaded and baked in the kitchens, twice daily. It is served accompanied by an olive cream and extra virgin olive oil, ingredients recognised by UNESCO as an essential element for the health of the human body.

Because if it is important to answer to stringent criteria in order to be awarded a Bio certification, Monte-Carlo Beach directors and Executive Chef Paolo Sari invested themselves primarily in an approach focusing on health and well-being.

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